Limones AmatlanMexican Limes

In the orchard, we manually select the best Mexican limes of each tree.

Limes are carefully placed into the hopper, limes quality is supervised at the time it arrives to the hopper, refusing those limes that do not fit our quality standards.

The product goes to a first preselection table. This step is made by human elements.

Lime moves to a washing process to disinfect and clean the product.

The washed lime, goes to the second preselection table, rejecting the unqualified limes.

After another human assisted preselection table, the qualified lime goes to a high quality organic waxing process, that gives higher length and superior look.

Lime goes trough a ventilating system that dries it. After drying the digital process starts.

Last step of the selection process, complementing the three previous selection processes, we ensure the quality of our limes.

Here every lime is pictured and according to color, shape, size and weight is classified into a group.

Along the digital selection process, limes are transported by individual cells. Each one of this cells has a serial number and it responds to the information gathered by the cameras and puts each lime in its corresponding classification for its later packaging.

The lime is packed according to its classification.

The product that is going to be exported has to be strapped. The lime that will be sold in Mexico is packed and labeled in a different way (see Product for more information).

Packages go to the cooling chamber. This enlarges the lifetime of the limes.

The packages are now ready to be delivered. We have our own fleet of trailers so we can ensure the best handling of our lime until it is delivered to our clients. For remote areas outside Mexico, "Thermo" trucks are used, which have a cooling system that makes limes live longer.

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